Steve Kemp's Homepage

This is the personal homepage of Steve Kemp, located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You can read more about this site, and myself, in the about section.

In brief I'm a sysadmin located in Edinburgh experienced in using and developing under GNU/Linux.

I have a large number of interests, and projects which I devote my time to. Most recently these have included:

Debian Administration

This is the site which I setup to share useful pieces of information about the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Digital Photography

I'm a keen amateur photographer, and I've posted many small images upon my "portfolio" site:

Stop Blog & Forum Spam

This is a simple site which offers an XML-RPC service to detect and identify blog/forum spam.

Server tweaking, optimizing nginx, optimizing your kernel, & etc.

Other things I work upon are often described in my blog.

Recent Updates

This is random assortment of items, or areas, of this site which have been updated recently:

February 2014

Updates are also available as a RSS feed.


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