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My address is

If you're looking for me on Facebook you can find me at:

GPG Keys

If you wish to contact me securely then please feel free to make use of my public key:

The finger-print of my key is:

pub   4096R/0C626242 2014-03-24
      Key fingerprint = D516 C42B 1D0E 3F85 4CAB  9723 1909 D408 0C62 6242
uid                  Steve Kemp (Edinburgh, Scotland) <>
sub   4096R/229A4066 2014-03-24

The key can also be fetched from MIT, or from keybase if you prefer.

Something Specific?

If there is something specific that you're interested in discussing then it might be more useful to go through the relevant channel.

For example I have different means of receiving contact for the following three projects:


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